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The Club Culturale Italiano hold events during the year for all to enjoy. Here is a brief desrcription of some of those events.


The Club Culturale Italiano reinacts the spirit of the Carnevale of Venice and celebrates Marte Gras the Italian way. The Club Culturale Italiano's Carnevale is a celebration. It's a costume party with food, music and dancing. It's a great opportunity for people to enjoy a night of fun to the fullest.

At Carnevale, two famed traditions are the costumes and the masks that the celebrators wear. At the party, adults and children alike wear costumes and masks, continuing the tradition. The costumes and the masks can range from a favorite pet to aliens or figures of the Renaissance period. The Club Culturale Italiano awards a prize for the best costume.


Italian Film & Culture Festival

Each February, Albuquerque hosts an Italian Film Festival. The Festival is held to benefit the University of New Mexico Children's Hospital. The Festival includes events featuring Italian food, wine and special musical entertainment.

The Festival offers films that embody 60 years of Italian film-making. It presents a series of “classic” Italian films, blended with more contemporary and brand new films never before seen in New Mexico. All are international award-winning films. The films offer the viewer a different perspective of the human experience and give the viewer a greater appreciation of the Italian culture.

For more information on the Italian Film Festival, see


Feast of Saint Joseph

The Feast of Saint Joseph hearlds the coming of spring and is a day of sharing with others the blessing of nature's bounty and abundance.The feast honors Saint Joseph for his intervention when the country was hit with drought and famine. Traditionally, everyone prepares a special dish, including fish, pasta, bread, and pastries. The dishes are placed on a huge table in the public square. The table overflows with food. The less fortunate are invited to share in the abundance.

The Club Culturale Italiano celebrates the Feast with a banquet for the community. The banquet tables are always full. Those who do not prepare the food themselves are welcome guests. People are free to mill around and sample the delectable dishes.



In August, the Club Culturale Italiano members, families and friends come together to enjoy summer. They catch up with each others' lives and enjoy summer activities including swimming and playing bocce. Festivities include a barbecue.







The Club Culturale Italiano holds the Spaghetatta to recognize the contributions of Italians to America and the achievements of Americans of Italian descent. The event also celebrates the Italian culture, its effect on American society and the influences of Italian heritage. The Spaghetatta is an event that draws people from all of Albuquerque's Italian clubs and the Italian community.





Christmas Feast

For Italians and those of Italian descent, the Christmas holidays have special significance; they have special foods and traditions. The celebration is about having the family come together for a feast. It's all about togetherness. It is the food which brings the families together.

At the Feast, the Club Culturale Italiano carries out these traditions, celebrates the holiday season and the gathering of family and friends. The Feast is a potluck dinner. Families and friends prepare their best dishes, which are made from scratch using the best ingredients they can buy. The Club Culturale Italiano gives the children small gifts, althouth the Club Culturale Italiano does not focus on gift-giving.